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Construction is a particularly specific area for translation. At first thought it does not carry any difficulties, but it is not as simple as it may seem. Construction may include both common planification and design, and complex legal documents and norms. Construction is a wide-ranging, sophisticated area including various processes and stages.

Just like any other type of translation, construction translation is characterized by numerous field-specific terms.

Transtech specialists are familiar with many aspects of construction industry. Our experts has a wealth of experience in translation of technical documentation for construction of nuclear power units in India, Bulgaria, as well as for modernization of oil refinery plants.

Why choose us for construction translation?

Construction is an area requiring great attention to translation tasks as any misconception or equivocality (when either translating or interpreting) may cause irreparable harm to the entire project.

Our Company places inexorable demands on the specialists working in such projects. Continuous quality control helps us to monitor the entire translation process as well as observe the established regulations complying with the international standards, and specific abbreviations and terminology.