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Medicine and Pharmaceutical industry

Medical translation represents a relatively new challenge for Transtech LTD; requiring as it does, not just linguistic skill, but a thorough command of the vernacular and a good grounding in medical science. Indeed, it is necessary for professionals in this field to know their way around a myriad of international standards for documentation not to mention the sheer weight of specialised medical terms and abbreviations. All this needs to be at the translators disposal in applying his craft with due understanding of the subject matter and appropriate use of the terms.

For our specialists in this sphere quality is paramount, working, as they do in the knowledge that accuracy can be a matter of life and death.

Medical translation encompasses a range of documentation types (medical research findings and examination and check-up reports, pharmaceutical documentation, clinical studies, documents on medical equipment and so on). Every translator has to undergo a process of careful selection and testing before being assigned to these tasks and completed translations are submitted to the editor for mandatory proofreading.

All medical translations are carried out in strict adherence to international norms and requirements. At Transtech LTD we are confident that our translations of medical texts and documents will stand out in their accuracy, correctness and reliability.