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Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a type of interpreting when a translator starts to render the text into another language after a speaker has completed the entire speech or some part of it, i.e. made a pause.

Such type of interpreting is used often during meetings, telephone conversations, customer accompanying at facilities, training of employees, etc.

Transtech provides consecutive interpreting services in various fields of activity. Among main industry sectors in which our Company specializes as a provider of consecutive interpreting services there are: oil and gas production and processing, energy economy, construction, fuel and energy industry, petrochemistry, machine building, and others.

All of our interpreters not only possess professional linguistic knowledge, understand specifics of the industry in which they specialize, but also show excellent resistance to stress since such a job often implies overworking. Ordering consecutive interpreting services from Transtech you can be sure they will be rendered by competent masters only.

Transtech has taken part in the following interpreting projects: assignment of interpreters to audit activities at Russian enterprises during equipment supplier selection for the largest construction projects in Russia: “Power of Siberia”, Amur Gas Processing Plant, Yamal LNG, etc.